Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lost for words

I Volunteered as a sitter in the Stolen Space Gallery for Word to Mother's latest exhibition "Lost for words". I worked here I think 3 days a week for a fortnight which i really enjoyed. The space is great and very light and open so when the weathers good it's a very pleasant place to be. I am a big fan of WTM's work and have known about him for a number of years so when i had the chance to work here i jumped at it. The show "Lost for words" featured mostly paintings and mixed media collage onto found objects with a kind of rusted, seaside aesthetic as a head nod to the artist's Hastings roots. A full size rotting old dingy was even shipped in which had a cut out bottom, this along with some chairs and tables with their legs cut off slanted, effectively gave the impression that the floor was made of water. The prints for the show were onto vintage wood and came as part of a sealed package of sketches and other bits which were contained in hand built box from again, sourced old wood. It felt like a very personal and thought out exhibition as a whole which really adds to the experience.

I feel very passionately about the work and spending so much time in the space gave me a lot of time to enjoy it. All the materials onto which the pieces were painted have been sourced and collected over quite a period of time with a real effort taken over the small details which is great to see. They usually feature a mixture of melancholic characters with a kind of tongue in cheek hip hop background. These characters often are the basis of large forms combining architecture, clouds and landscapes in a kind of daydream-like mass of formulated elements. These span across the splintered driftwood etc bringing a beautiful textural element and set against elegant, hand painted typography which looks fantastic when all combined. The show's overall theme seemed to be a nostalgic trip back to a simpler time in youth. When your more concerned with what and who your going to be and not worrying about what you "should do".

The show sold out on the opening night.

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