Friday, 21 May 2010

Szymon brodziak

Szymon's work exercises the beauty of form using often nudes or female models contrasted with harsh metal or powerful line in shape. Predominantly shot on black and white the work resonates elegance and sophistication when combined with his eye for perfection in composition. His scenes are carefully structured to heighten and enhance the beauty of the female form met with blocks of solid highlight or shadow, breaking up the frame and connecting the image as a whole.Because of this, his knowledge of lighting is key to Brodziak's practice.
There seems do be a central theme of women empowered or in command of the situation, they dominate all that is other, although, this can be met with a sense of humour and rediculousness which can prove quite charming. All of his scenes are shots are extremly rigid and static, the models are in highly posed and at times awkward positions creating strong geometric shapes. These are set against a stark contrast background tone to what to model is wearing or her skin pigmentation. I think this is what possibly makes the work so visually exciting and dynamic when combined with his daring compositional style, sometimes there will be a subtlety about it and sometimes it will leap out in your face, but always interesting and above all, beautiful.

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