Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Viktor Vauthier

Up and coming photographer viktor vauthier is a london based artist who i really enjoy following. His work is an intensely immersive choosing to almost exclusively photograph his friendship group and pretty, fashionable girls, styles of photography which i kinda enjoy. I get a good feeling when i look over his blog because i know although he probably receives moderate success he has not yet "made it" as a big shot photographer with his work still retaining that keen, amateurish feel. This is great because the work is still very raw, and you get the feeling that not every man and his dog are enjoying the pictures, but rather people who are down with their scene and in the know.

Its a glimpse into the personal lives and work of a pretty withdrawn and eliteist group of trendy London artists. They are pretty successful in their own right, but just slightly under the mainstream radar. These guys dont have blogs or websites and apart from occasional shows stay very much out of the limelight so to speak. In many ways i feel this works to their advantage, because it creates a kind of illusive-ness and tease as to when and where you will find there work. Artists having websites of their pieces just seems almost too try-hardy. So its very interesting to see snippets of what they're up to, unseen work and general lifestyle and fashion images.

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