Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Lazy dog 6e anniversaire video from lazydog original on Vimeo.

Isnt this video great? The animation is by the artist Parra. His quirky and light hearted work has become extremly popular and it really easy to see why. I think as a reaction to a lot of overworked and in-your-face kind of artists and graphics, Parra's reductive and minimal style has really shone through the midst's and he has become extremely successful of late.

"His first solo shows in London (Jobs I Did For Friends For Under £100 & Tits and Typo) got him signed on the London based agency Big Active, which generated many opportunities. Parra got the chance to work on big commercial projects next to his own projects. His work buzzed around the internet heavily while doing popular solo exhibitions in New York, LA, Milan, Paris and Berlin". This lead to major corporate collaborations with giants like Nike and Keep which were hugely popular clothing and shoe ranges that sold out very quickly. These humorous, illustrative, fun works often depicting characters alongside slogans of hand drawn typography translate very well into clothing graphics. Subsequently, his own brand rockwell has been launched in the high end street wear market. I proudly own an very limited run Nike and Parra collaboration t shirt they worked on which quite into, I'd also like to get a print of his at some point.

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